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Our soaps and other personal care products are always made 100% vegan and palm oil free, while our scent profiles are created using only pure essential oils. With a focus on sustainability, we replace plastic with biodegradable packaging whenever possible so that our products can be an easy step in reducing everyday waste.

Our primary mission is to make biodegradable and low waste products readily available to our customers. We want to grow our company without a significant growth in waste creation. If people are talking about our Essence by Noble in a couple generations, we want it to be because they still love our products, not because they have to pick up trash with our name on it.


Aaron Noble


Soap Master


Born in Minneapolis, Aaron took a community class in soap making. After four years as a hobbyist he shared his love of saponification with Jai before the two went on to form Noble Soap Gallery LLC.

Jai Machen-Whitworth




Jai grew up in the UK. After landing in Minneapolis and learning from Aaron how to make soap, the two decided to start a small business. This is when she added her own love of sustainability to the project.

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